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Autumn /Winter 2021

Louis Shengtao Chen presents his eponymous brand’s debut runway at Labelhood’s 2021 Fall / Winter 2021 season —「The Debutante」. The collection draws inspiration from "The Debutante Ball”, a social event traditionally for young upper class ladies presenting themselves in high society for the first time. In the collection, Louis Shengtao Chen showcases the brand’s boundary-breaking aesthetics, merging luxury craftsmanship with the a twist of bizarre playfulness, and his love for the extra-extravagance.

This season, Louis ShengtaoChen zooms in at the ladies during the preparation for the Debutante Ball. The bubbling energy, the confidence, the excitement, the fun, all of them come together leading up to the most theatrical and dramatic first entrance. Louis abandons traditional fabric choices of luxury clothe-making, and instead sources materials from the everyday life, such as sealing tapes, vintage ties and mechanical parts elements. Louis fuses his exquisite craftsmanship and French tailoring, elevating the everyday into an attitude and beauty experiment. It’s where vulgarity and elegance coexist, Louis Shengtao Chen playfully refresh the Debutante image in a rebellious and forward-thinking way.

The contrast between masculinity and femininity runs through Louis ShengtaoChen 21 Fall / Winter collection. “It's not because I am trying to get rid of the gender label, I just simply love the sense of contradiction in design”, says designer Louis. He skillfully mixes hard materials such as mechanical parts, rubber and metal with soft fabrics such as lace, cashmere and silk, creating his very own design philosophy, and a dramatic style of new elegance.